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Education is not just about supporting your child to achieve the best grades within their ability. At independent schools, pupils cultivate the creative thinking skills that are favoured in today’s ever-changing workplaces and the world at large. 
School days and curriculums are structured to allow children the freedom and support to think for themselves in a creative manner. The wide subject choice, challenging curriculum and extra-curricular activities led by supportive teachers all promote creative thinking within Scotland’s independent schools.

In this blog, we discuss the various ways that Scotland’s independent schools encourage and facilitate creative thinking. 

Why promote creative thinking in schools? 

“Organisations need to develop new products, ideas and processes to adjust to the increasingly changing environmental conditions, new ideas and methods by becoming innovative and creative systems, and encouraging their members in that direction.”  

- Tuncer Fidan and Inci Oztürk / Procedia - Social and Behavioural Sciences 195 (2015) 905 – 914 
A paper on the topic of The Relationship of the Creativity of Public and Private School Teachers to Their Intrinsic Motivation and the School Climate for Innovation explored creative thinking and how this is fostered in schools. The study summarises that: 

“In the environments where risk-taking and idea-generation are encouraged and the creatively generated ideas are assessed fairly and supportively, and where awarding systems support creativity, the individuals tend to show more creativity.” 

Scottish independent schools do exactly that, helping children to develop creativity and build the confidence to harness their talents and put forward their ideas from a young age.  
These skills will serve pupils well beyond the classroom, eventually being key in the workplace where employers look for candidates who can think creatively in order to help them to meet their business goals. 


An innovative approach to learning 

At Edinburgh Steiner School, the research-backed curriculum is recognised worldwide for its innovative approach to learning that places strong emphasis on integrating art, crafts, drama and music, with all subjects including science are taught using a creative approach. 
The unique Steiner School curriculum encompasses emotional literacy and kinaesthetic learning, which activates both sides of the brain to give analytical and creative thinking equal importance. 
The upper school has a unique curriculum of subjects that equip pupils with broad knowledge including Ancient, Medieval and Modern History, Philosophy, Organic Chemistry, History of Art, Economic Geography, Surveying, History of Architecture and Geology. 
Find out about the varied curriculums at independent schools in this blog.  

Building confidence through extra-curricular activities 

All independent schools involve pupils in extra-curricular education such as field trips or the option to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award where pupils brave the elements while building their social and problem-solving skills 
Set in stunning grounds just outside Perth, Craigclowan Preparatory School makes the most of the great outdoors through a wide range of outdoor activities that build confidence and resilience and encourage creativity for children aged 3-13 years. 
Read more about the extra-curricular opportunities on offer at our independent schools here. 


Teaching to support creative thinking 

Scottish independent school teachers undertake professional learning through regular SCIS events in all areas of child development, from leading a thriving sports department to understanding child trauma in order to provide an environment that feels safe and engages children in learning.  

With the support of first-class teachers throughout their early learning, junior and senior years, and partaking in extra-curricular activities - pupils are prepared and ready to let their creative thinking skills flourish. 


If you are considering sending your child to a Scottish independent school, SCIS can help you with your search – use our find a school tool or get in touch with us today.