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At the cornerstone of Scotland’s independent schools are the amazing teachers who go the extra mile to support pupils in their learning and development.  

Independent schools attract talented, passionate teachers. They strive to develop a full understanding of each child’s learning style, interests and motivations and have the freedom to teach children in a way that benefits them the most. 

Read on to find out how independent school teachers go above and beyond to support their pupils. 


Flexibility of teaching 

Independent school teachers enjoy the flexibility to teach in a manner that best serves their class, so that no pupil is left behind. 

This tailored, student-focussed approach works effectively to get the best out of every individual student. An atmosphere of mutual respect between pupils and teachers further empowers children in their learning, with pupils feeling safe and motivated in the classroom.   

Teachers are inspired to educate pupils utilising their own passion and enthusiasm for the subject. This passion is infectious, motivating pupils to likewise learn simply for the joy of it. 


A pastoral approach 

Teachers have the opportunity to get to know every child on an individual level. Teachers are caring in their relationships with both their students and colleagues, establishing positive relationships with children and young people. 

Because of this, teachers build strong relationships with pupils, providing pastoral care and support alongside teaching. Teachers are also often involved with extra-curricular activities, like sports or arts clubs, so that support goes beyond the classroom. 

Pupils are more comfortable in class when they know their teacher is there not only to teach, but to make their time at school a safe and happy experience. Independent school teachers are committed to nurturing the whole individual.  

Likewise, pupils are empowered by their teacher’s commitment to celebrating diversity and creating an inclusive environment in their classroom. Diverse environments are hugely beneficial to students, allowing them to embrace and learn from their differences and preparing them for a life as a global citizen.  


Empowered to do their best 

Independent school teachers are empowered at every level of their career to achieve their goals and aspirations. Continued professional development not only benefits the teachers, but the pupils they teach too.  

The opportunity for teachers to pursue their chosen subject to a high-level is an advantage to pupils too, allowing them to access a wealth of in-depth knowledge from their teachers.  

The dedication of independent school teachers was really showcased during the Covid-19 lockdown. Teachers went above and beyond their duties to ensure students could continue their education, introducing innovative ways to keep their classes in contact. From at home sports challenges to virtual baking masterclasses, you can read more about what teachers did during lockdown and beyond here. 


Independent school teachers are passionate, committed and caring, helping pupils to achieve their goals in a supportive way. If you would like to hear more from teachers in Scotland’s independent schools, you can hear from Duncan Wright, senior librarian at St George’s School for Girls, here or Emma Watson-Massey, Principal Teacher of Design & Technology at George Heriot’s School, in this blog. 


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