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Every Scottish independent school has its own values and SCIS is very proud to support each and every one of them. However, there are many aspects of independent schools in Scotland that bring them together as a unit and set them apart from their counterparts elsewhere in the UK. Scotland offers a wealth of fantastic independent establishments, each with something distinctive to deliver real choice for parents and students.


Not limited to a standard curriculum, Scottish independent schools are proud to offer a wide range of subjects such as History of Art, Mandarin and Environmental Science. This flexibility allows schools to create bespoke independent school curriculums and provide students with more opportunities to study the subjects they enjoy.  This tailored approach to learning is hugely motivating for young minds and also valuable later on when applying for university places or jobs.

Students of a particular talent can also attend specialist schools such as a music school.  Having this as an option can transform their learning experience and ensure your child can follow their interests from the outset. 


Independent schools in Scotland are proud to be charities and are committed to supporting both their school community and also the communities in which they are part of. School fees are either invested back into the school and its facilities or allocated to provide means-tested bursary assistance to those who, without this assistance, would not be able to attend the school.

Not only does this benefit the individual student, it also supports diversity by encouraging a wider range of backgrounds, abilities and voices to be represented within the school community.

Flexible qualifications

Most of Scotland’s independent schools provide a variety of options on qualifications that their students can work towards obtaining including SQAs, A-Levels, GCSEs or International Baccalaureate (IB) courses. This not only extends the breadth of the subjects they can teach, but also allows for a much more internationally recognised qualifications.

These flexible options provide pupils with the best foundation for future study and employment.

Smaller class sizes

Another aspect of Scottish independent schools that helps them achieve such high standards and results is the benefits of smaller class sizes. These allow for more one-to-one teaching and additional support to ensure all children get the best possible education and have fun in the process.

This attracts fantastic teaching staff who see the benefit of spending more time with students and ignite a passion in children for the subjects they teach.

Extra-curricular activities

Independent school pupils have the opportunity to try an extensive range of unusual extra-curricular opportunities to allow their curious minds to wander and discover where their talents lie. These unique experiences include drama, football, Duke of Edinburgh and Young Enterprise programmes.

When there are more activities on offer, students stand a much higher chance of finding something they really love and will want to spend time doing. This will help improve their grades and their confidence and opens these interests to the rest of the class.


Scotland’s independent sector is a unique body of schools who, together and separately, work to make the sector stand out and be the best it can be. SCIS continues to promote the benefits of an independent education in Scotland and help the independent sector grow.

Are you interested in finding out more about an independent education for your child in Scotland? Please get in touch if you have any questions.