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As SQA exam results are released this week, we can reveal that in Scotland’s independent schools, 62 percent of pupils studying mathematics have achieved a Higher grade A, with 91 percent achieving a grade A-C.

The data, collected from our member schools, also shows that 57 percent of students achieved a Higher grade A in Physics, while 62 percent studying Chemistry and 63 percent studying Biology also achieved an A, marking an improvement in results across all sciences, as well as mathematics, from 2018.

Commenting on the results, our director, John Edward, said: “Huge congratulations to everyone in Scotland receiving their SQA results today. 

“I am once again delighted to see such an outstanding set of results from our member schools across the board, but it is particularly encouraging to see such strong results in STEM subjects given how critical they are to filling the emerging skills gap in science, engineering and technology jobs throughout the UK.”

Other Higher results for students across our independent schools include:

  • 55 percent achieved a grade A in English; 95 percent achieved an A-C pass
  • 74 percent achieved a grade A in French; 97 percent achieved an A-C pass
  • 97 percent achieved a grade A in German; 98 percent achieved an A-C pass
  • 68 percent achieved a grade A in Spanish; 93 percent achieved an A-C pass
  • 83 percent achieved a grade A in Mandarin; 96 percent achieved an A-C pass

Edward concluded: “Regardless of the challenges thrown at them, Scotland’s independent schools have always maintained an extraordinarily high level of academic excellence and this year marks no exception.

“Despite the proposed removal of rates relief and the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, among other economic and political challenges, our schools maintain a relentless focus on achieving the best for the young people entrusted to their care, which is once again reflected in another outstanding set of exam results.

“At SCIS, we are incredibly proud to represent the sector as it continues to champion choice, diversity and excellence in education for Scotland’s young people.”


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