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Independent schools in Scotland are currently facing mounting financial challenges due to various factors, including rising energy and infrastructure costs. These concerns have raised questions about the future of these institutions, and what can be done to better manage increasing costs. 

Read on for how SCIS is supporting its member schools during this testing time.

Professional Learning Events 

SCIS organises approximately 80 workshops, seminars, and conferences every year for teaching and support staff. These events cover a diverse range of topics, including health and safety, employment law masterclasses, and more. 

By providing these learning opportunities, SCIS equips staff members with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate various issues and concerns. Open dialogue and access to expertise through these events contribute to better planning and decision-making.


As the representative body for independent schools in Scotland, SCIS collaborates with various government, education, health, and statutory bodies. By actively participating in policy-making discussions, SCIS ensures that the interests of independent schools are considered. SCIS shares legislative updates with member schools, keeping them informed about changes that may impact their financial situation. In doing so, SCIS seeks to minimise uncertainty and prevent member schools from being left in the dark.

Fee assistance

Recognising the need to balance rising costs with affordability, SCIS actively promotes the availability of financial incentives for families, including bursaries and scholarships. By highlighting these opportunities, SCIS reassures parents and caregivers that independent schools are a valid choice for their children, whatever their financial situation may be.

Notably, 24.2% of independent school pupils currently receive financial assistance, with 3.2% of senior pupils benefiting from 100% fee assistance. These statistics underline SCIS' commitment to making independent education accessible to everyone.

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Support to lean on

In the face of financial challenges, SCIS stands firmly beside its member schools, providing support through various means. From professional learning events that equip staff with knowledge and skills to collaboration with other associations for policy advocacy, SCIS ensures that independent schools have the resources and information needed to navigate these trying times.

Additionally, by promoting fee assistance options, SCIS helps make education accessible and affordable for families, reinforcing the value of independent schools. With these commitments and efforts, member schools can face financial challenges with greater resilience and confidence in their future. 

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