Boarding Seminar: Solutions to Managing Stress and Anger

Thursday 9th March 2017

Location: Huntingtower Hotel, Perth, PH1 3JT
Date:   09/03/2017
Course timings:   10 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. inlcuding lunch. Coffee & registration from 9.30 a.m.
Cost:   £95

'Brave the Rage' teaches positive assertiveness strategies for dealing with situations of conflict and challenging situations and sustains improved behaviour within school and home life. This includes providing interactive exercises, tools and techniques to sustain positive relationships and healthy progression for each pupil.

The programme will be led by Julie Wilkinson of Brave the Rage.  Julie Wilkinson is an Associate Trainer in Anti Bullying and Anger Management for the Boarding Schools' Association (BSA). Julie has delivered professional learning for SCIS in the past which has been consistently highly rated.

The programme will cover:

Understanding Challenging Behaviour & Defining Different Anger Types

Consequences of Anger & Explosions

Who Am I? Personal Reflection

Being able to Identify and Manage Anger; Body Anger Zones

The Importance of Body Language and Non Verbal Communication

Self-Identity, Respect, Goals & Dreams

Improving Assertive and Confidence Building: Practical Techniques

Leadership & Presentation Skills

Brave the Rage Bully Defence Tools

Learning the difference between Passive, Aggressive and Assertiveness Personality Traits

Developing Resilience and Control: How to Reduce Explosions

Solutions to Anger! Anger Management and Relaxation Techniques

Positive Relationships, Communication, Social Skills and Language

Conflict Resolution & Mediation: The Simple 5 Step Framework


Please register as soon as possible and by Thursday  2  March at the latest.


Registration closed