Cool, Calm & Connected - Train the Trainer

Thursday 12th May 2016

Location: Holyrood Hotel, 81 Holyrood Road, Eidnburgh EH8 8AU (location map)
Date:   12/05/2016
Course timings:   9.30 a.m. - 4 p.m. including lunch. *** Coffee & Registration from 9 a.m.
Cost:   £195

This course is designed to introduce teachers to the Cool, Calm and Connected materials and examine how they may be used in a school setting.  Participants will receive training materials and accompanying DVDs.  The Cool, Calm and Connected programme was designed by the Growing Confidence team which is managed by the Mental Health and Wellbeing Team within City of Edinburgh Council 

Originally aimed at young people in S1-S3, Cool, Calm and Connected was developed for the PSHE curriculum and the materials support many of the experiences and outcomes of the Curriculum framework in Health and Wellbeing across learning.   It can also be delivered as a Peer Education programme. 

The course aims to bring young people together on a personal journey to explore what influences mental health and emotional wellbeing, and support them in making relevant links to their own lives. It is hoped that they will ultimately use the information to make positive choices about how they manage their own mental health and emotional wellbeing, as well as how they influence that of other people.

 Course summary

The course comprises seven sessions:

  • Mental health and emotional well-being ( what is it and why it matters)
  • Relationships and the developing brain (brain development and the teenage brain)
  • Getting the most out of your brain (what do developing brains need)
  • Wired to connect (the importance of relationships for the developing brain)
  • Making connections (building connections with others and developing empathy)
  • Beliefs and mindsets (how our beliefs influence how we feel and behave)
  • Thinking, Feeling, Doing (how changing the way we think can improve our lives). 

  The course fee covers the cost of the training and the resource materials and accompanying DVDs.

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Feedback and Testimonials from pupils

“It has allowed me to see that although I make mistakes, it is how I look at improving that counts.”

“It has made me realise that regardless of what happens you will always experience difficult situations, which you can overcome.”

“It has helped me to understand more about others in my life, as well as myself.”

The course fee covers the cost of the training and the resource materials and accompanying DVDs.