Visible Learning Foundation Day

Innovation in the Learning Environment: the work of John Hattie Tuesday 6th September 2016

Location: Radisson Blu Hotel, 80 High Street (Royal Mile), Edinburgh EH1 1TH (location map)
Date:   06/09/2016
Course timings:   9.30 a.m. - 3.30 p.m. including lunch. Coffee & registration from 9 a.m.
Cost:   £150

Evidence Based Practice 

 Visible Learningplus is a professional development programme for teachers. It explores how evidence can be used to create innovation in the learning environment. The focus is on John Hattie’s research and the principles of Visible Learning and visible teaching. This outstanding research involved millions of students and represents the largest ever evidence-based research into what actually works best in schools to improve learning. 

Sarah Philip will lead the session and it is intended that by the end of the day participants will be equipped to: 

  • Articulate the key findings from the Visible Learning research
  • List some of the key characteristics of visible learners
  • Identify ways to demonstrate the progress of children and young people
  • Describe the characteristics of inspired and passionate teachers
  • Describe the role of feedback and its potential impact on learning
  • Describe the mindframes which can have a major impact on student achievement
  • Synthesise implications for their school 

Further information can be found on the following websites: 

Visible Learningplus  - 

Osiris Educational - 

Please note that the Visible Learningplus Foundation Day can be booked directly with Osiris.  However, this will be significantly more expensive.


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