What works in Learning and Teaching

Junior and Senior School staff Thursday 12th May 2016

Location: The Wood Lecture & Arts Theatre, Albyn School, Queens Road, Aberdeen AB15 4PB
Date:   12/05/2016
Course timings:   10 a.m. - 4 p.m. including lunch etc
Cost:   £125

Albyn School are offering places on this workshop to members of other SCIS schools.

Do you just want to know “what works?”

EBTN (the Evidence-Based Teachers Network) has sifted the initiatives, books, gurus, fads and enthusiasts to bring you the most effective methods known to improve learning.

Who should attend? 

  • Teachers who want to use the methods themselves
  • Leaders considering developing an evidence-based approach at their school/college

This is a hands-on workshop where you will have the opportunity to try out some effective methods for yourself as well as hearing where the evidence can be found etc. 

Objectives for the session:

  • see why evidence based teaching is the most cost
  • find out about methods that can offer your students at least a one grade boost in their exam results
  • try using the methods in your own subject effective way to improve results
  • learn where the evidence can be found and why it is reliable
  •  find out about methods than can offer your students at least a one grade boost in their exam results
  • find out about the brain and learning and so explain why the methods work so well
  • how this training can be made most effective 

This interactive workshop is led by Mike Bell, director of EBTN.  

Draft timetable 





Arrival and registration



How we develop a skill

Sources of evidence from classrooms

Highly effective methods

Advance Organiser

Listening and writing

Growth Mindset




What is learning in the brain?

Visual methods

Graphical Organisers

Using repetition




Myths and ineffective methods

Forming and securing long-term memories

Links to prior knowledge

Checking memories with feedback


Linking to prior knowledge
Analogies and similes

Questioning strategies


Taking it forward: Making staff training (CPD) effective

Plan your CPD

Priorities for action



Registration closed

No car parking on site. Albyn School is a short taxi ride from Aberdeen train and bus stations.