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Event Date

October 5, 2023

Event Cost

£360.00 For the full Programme

Event Time

19:00 - 21:00


Hosted virtually by SCIS

1 St Colme St,

To register for the waiting list, please email

Cancellation and refund policy

  • Cancellations must be advised by email 5 working days prior to the event.
  • A refund will not be granted if a registrant fails to attend or cancels within 5 working days prior to the event.
  • We welcome substitute delegates attending in your place at no additional cost.
  • Cancellations for residential courses must be advised 6 weeks prior to the event.

Event Description

For Junior and Senior School colleagues in Senior Leadership position

We are delighted to launch our Senior Leadership Development Programme 2023/24 in partnership with GRJ Education. 

Programme detail:

  • Target audience: Junior and Senior School colleagues in Senior Leadership positions in both Scotland and England – suits experienced colleagues though particularly suited for those new in post
  • A complete six month immersive continuum of learning – everything is real, situational, practical 
  • 6 x two-hour digital modules and reflective exercises, 30-minute optional “wash-ups” in between digital modules for Q&A 
  • Learning culture – alignment with National Model of Professional Learning as well as the opportunity to mix throughout with English counterparts in Senior Leadership
  • Guest Rectors/Heads and other prominent figures in education and beyond to join us for a number of modules

Digital module 1 (Thursday October 5th 2023 19.00-21.00)

  • Personal Core Values and Motivational Senior Leadership: an initial opportunity to establish what is most important in whole school leadership, identify the challenges and importantly “how not to get whole school leadership wrong…”

Digital module 2 (Thursday November 9th 2023 19.00-21.00)

  • Values, Vision, Strategy: a Head’s perspective on the linkage between whole school Values, Vision, Strategy and a Senior Leader’s role in support, ownership and implementation.

Digital module 3 (Thursday January 11th  2024 19.00-21.00)

  • Collaborative problem-solving – leading crisis management: a challenge to lead a crisis unfolding in real time as a Senior Leadership Team, observed and critiqued by the GRJ team and a Police Detective Superintendent.

Digital module 4 (Thursday February 8th 2024 19.00-21.00)

  • Leading strategy and changing habits & routines: the opportunity to put lessons learned from module two into practice via a real situational strategic breakout exercise.

Digital module 5 (Monday March 4th 2024 19.00-21.00)

  • Governance, relationships, accountability: the views of a Bursar and Clerk to Governors and accompanying breakout exercises.

Digital module 6 (Monday April 22nd 2024 19.00-21.00)

  • “Glance back, look forward…”: an opportunity for Programme reflection, for planning next steps in implementing takeaways, and for pre-empting challenges ahead via the familiar “Pre-Mortem” strategic technique.

  **NB Colleagues registering for the first module will automatically be registered on the remaining ones**

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