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Whether it’s a love of a specific subject, a sport your child never tires of playing or an extra-curricular activity they could spend all day doing, independent schools allow children to explore their minds and abilities and find something that will get them jumping out of bed in the morning. 

No matter what it is that your child is interested in, an independent education gives them the opportunity to find out where their talents lie and will help your child reach their full potential. 

Varied subjects

Independent schools have the ability to expand the curriculum and teach subjects outside of the norm, so school time can be very varied, both in subject choice and the qualifications on offer.

Subjects such as Latin, Mandarin and Economics allow your child a chance to expand their mind and their vocabulary. The more subject choice on offer, the higher the chance of students finding areas that are the best fit for their abilities and future ambitions.

Closer teaching experience

Independent schools offer a much more intimate teaching experience. Teachers get to know your child and will encourage them to be the best that they can be.

It may well be that the more they try certain subject or activities, the more they will discover an appetite for it. If a child is struggling, a closer teaching experience allows for teachers to pick up on this sooner and for something to be done as soon as possible so they do not fall behind. 

Extra-curricular opportunities

Another way independent schools allow students to explore their options is in extra-curricular opportunities, of which there are many on offer in Scottish independent schools. 

Students can explore a huge range of activities and discover what they are good at, as well as what makes them feel good.  

With qualified instructors teaching them brand new skills, or helping them improve on their existing abilities, your child might just unearth some hidden talents!


With an array of subjects, activities and teaching opportunities offering your child the best possible chance of finding their niche, the independent sector could truly be the making of your child’s future. 

Are you interested in finding out more about how an independent education can help your child? Please get in touch if you have any questions.