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What are the independent school entrance assessments? 

Sometimes children applying to an independent school in Scotland are required to take an entrance exam before a place is offered. These assessments give the prospective school an insight into your child’s abilities and strengths, allowing staff to best support and guide each student appropriately.  

What is included in the entrance exams? 

The entrance assessments typically test elements of reasoning, writing, maths, and language. These are all subjects that will be familiar to your child and should have been covered in their current school curriculum.  

Applicants may also be invited for an interview at the school or to take part in another interactive exercise. These are informal, relaxed activities where your child can let their personality and interests shine through. 

How do I prepare my child for the entrance exams? 

The entrance exams do not require rigorous preparation and should not be an additional stress for you or your child. 

That being said, some schools will provide sample questions on their website to use as practice ahead of the assessment. Parents interested in hiring a tutor for the exams should consult with the school to see if this is necessary. These tests are not designed to catch your child out, but rather to see how teachers can best support their transition into a new school environment.  

All you need to do is bring your child to the assessment day well-rested and relaxed, ready to give it their best shot! 

When are the entrance assessments? 

The day of the entrance assessment will depend on the independent school your child is applying for and when you make an application. However, they typically take place on set dates at the start of the calendar year 

Be sure to check when and where the exam is taking place and arrive ahead of time to give your child a chance to relax and focus. 

The next steps  

Staff will review the entrance exams to assess your child’s skills and abilities. If successful, the school will get in touch to formally offer you a place and set up an induction day.   

If you believe your child excels in a specific area, it is worth enquiring about scholarships. Independent schools in Scotland accept a diverse array of pupils and provide fee assistance where eligible. It is always worth getting in touch with the school to find out more.  

Good luck! 

Are you considering sending your child to a Scottish Independent School? SCIS can help you with your search – use ourfind a schooltool orget in touchwith us today.