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The High School of Glasgow are next in our series of blogs exploring how Scotland’s independent schools are supporting the wellbeing of their pupils.  

In this blog, The High School of Glasgow share the ways in which they are marking Childrens Mental Health Week, celebrating their own annual Wellbeing Week and supporting pupil mental health and wellbeing year-round. 


Creating a positive environment for wellbeing 

The physical and mental wellbeing of pupils and staff is our utmost priority, and is essential for creating a positive, welcoming, and productive environment for all. Wellbeing is at the heart of the High School, and a purpose-built Health & Wellbeing Centre, opened at the Senior School in 2017, has transformed the physical and mental health of our pupils. 

We promote the vital importance of positive mental wellbeing in various ways, and throughout the year there are a number of pastoral avenues pupils can call on for support, be that their Head of House, Form Teachers, time out in the Wellbeing Room, or via the Peer Hub.  

Our Peer Hub provides a platform for older pupils to offer support and advice to their younger peers, and pupils are welcomed into our Wellbeing Room where they can take the time to relax and enjoy a chat over a hot chocolate!  

This provides an important break for senior pupils, and a release from the stresses that can arise throughout busy times at school. We encourage our pupils to really get involved – to be a part of the pivotal conversation on the importance of mental health in young people.  

Meanwhile, at our Junior School, a partnership with Purple House has incorporated wellbeing into the heart of the curriculum. Children as young as Junior 1 are being taught breathing exercises, mindfulness and gratitude. In preparation for their transition to Senior School, Junior 6 are equipped with skills to deal with change and manage feelings of stress or anxiety, building stores of emotional resilience. 


Wellbeing Week 

As part of Children’s Mental Health Week, we are also running our annual Wellbeing Week, organised by School Nurse Mrs Jane Sim. Pupils will learn about healthy eating with a visit from a Chartwells nutritionist, get crafty with a pupil-run origami workshop and take part in art therapy workshops with the Teapot Trust.  

We also have special assemblies taking place, including inspiring stories and a session on mindfulness from Mind Marvels, and the much-loved Therapets will be back to give pupils the chance to melt away any stress alongside some furry friends! 

The main event of Wellbeing Week sees S6 pupils walk across hot coals as part of Headstrong’s Walk of Champions Firewalk, an empowerment workshop which illustrates the power of the mind to overcome challenges and demonstrates what our pupils are capable of.   


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