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A Platform for Your Child to Shine

When children are young we often wonder what the future will hold. Will they be musical? Will they be academic? Who will they choose as their friends? Scotland’s independent schools are set up to give your child every opportunity both inside and outside the classroom.

The schools’ reputation for academic excellence is an obvious attraction for many parents. Smaller pupil/teacher ratios and significant investment in modern, stimulating teaching facilities attracts the highest calibre of teaching staff capable of igniting a passion for the subjects they teach.

Born digital natives, most children and young people today want to feel stretched, challenged and inspired by new technology. While the imposing architecture of some school buildings might give off an air of Hogwarts, once you are inside the learning environment is definitely more iPad Air and the magic of cloud computing. 

Developing skills and confidence

Each school has its own distinct ethos and values, but each one will encourage your child to be the very best they can be. Independent schools offer an exciting array of new experiences your child can wrap around their academic day to help them grow both physically and socially.

You’ll find every conceivable type of sport and activity on offer, plus all sorts of creative opportunities to fire your child’s imagination and develop their confidence, such as orchestras, drama clubs and countless societies. 

There are often extended links to real world experiences too, like opportunities to take part in visiting West End Musicals, or open big events such as T in the Park as part of the school pipe band. Many of the schools also have strong working relationships with charities they support. A number of our member schools have links with a number of educational projects in Africa and beyond. Pupils are encouraged to fundraise throughout the year, with a small number of students accompanying staff to provide hands-on help in each year. 

With such a variety of activities going on there’s plenty to bring out the best in your child.

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