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SCIS Gold Certified Suppliers are organizations that actively engage with and provide outstanding service and support to SCIS members.

SCIS Gold Certified Suppliers have demonstrated a commitment to delivering the highest levels of service and support to the independent school sector in Scotland. .

All SCIS Gold Certified Suppliers are entitled to use the SCIS Certified Supplier Logo on their branding and communications. The SCIS Certified Supplier Scheme aims to foster connections between members and organizations.

Please note: The suppliers listed are not endorsed by SCIS, nor does SCIS accept any liability for the quality of the goods or services listed on this page. All suppliers below have entered into a commercial arrangement with SCIS to promote their goods and services.



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Navigator is an Edinburgh-based practice specialising in employment law, health & safety, human resources and data protection support services primarily within the independent schools sector. We work closely with SCIS and ISBA and we advise more schools in Scotland on employment law, health & safety, HR and data protection issues than any other legal or consultancy practice. 

  • Navigator has delivered the SCIS Employment Law Masterclass for the last six years.
  • Navigator has delivered the SCIS Health & Safety Masterclass for the last four years.
  • Navigators’ Independent Schools HR Managers Forum and Independent Schools Health, Safety & Facilities Managers Forum are unique in Scotland.
  • Navigator has been an ISBA Directory Partner since 2021. 
  • Navigator has a dedicated team of independent school specialists which include ex-Bursars and ex-HR Managers from independent schools.




Schoolblazer2020 Master

Schoolblazer is the UK’s leading supplier of uniform and sportswear to independent schools, with a deep commitment to sustainability and fair trade. They are online experts, focussed on providing design and product innovation to their schools and shopping convenience for their parents, with Intelligent Sizing. With sewn-in name tapes for parents, a quick and easy online checkout, and a 94% fit first-time rate, Schoolblazer continues to transform the clothing experience for more than 230 UK independent schools.

Schoolblazer’s sportswear brand, Limitless, is now in 200+ independent schools and aims to inspire all young people to be active. Limitless provides high-performance, cutting-edge sports kit that encourages participation across the entire school community. 

This year Schoolblazer celebrates 20 years of exceptional product and service; get in touch to see how they can help with your uniform and sportswear needs: