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An independent education for your child could simply be a school fee assistance application away. Sometimes refered to as bursaries, fee assistance gives children whose families would not otherwise have been able to afford it, the opportunity to attend an independent school in Scotland. It also allows parents who would not have perhaps contemplated an independent education for their child to consider the possibilities this could bring to their family.

Independent schools in Scotland are charities and this means that school fees are used in two different ways to benefit each establishment. Firstly, money is invested back into the school facilities to keep standards high and secondly a significant proportion is used to fund fee assisted places. Through fee assisted applications, schools can provide up to 100% of a child’s school fees. So, if you are considering an independent education, fee assistance is definitely worth looking into to see if you are eligible.

Is my child eligible to receive fee assistance?

The application process is relatively straight forward so it is worth completing an independent school fee assistance application and talking with the school to see if you meet the criteria which is means-tested and based on your family income.

If you are thinking ‘Can I afford to send my child to private school?’ we can provide impartial guidance on school fees and fee assistance available in Scotland.

Do your homework

Research the schools you are considering applying to and find out what they offer in terms fee assistance. Most information is held on their website but you can always telephone and speak to the admissions department.  Confirm at what stage you need to apply for fee assistance  – there’s no point in waiting until your child has been accepted before you enquire, make sure you do it up front.

Prepare well in advance

Don’t get caught short when completing your application – confirm everything about the application process as far in advance as you possibly can.  Start with the deadline, which in some cases can be up to eight months before the entry date, and work back so you don’t find yourself with only a few days to compile all the information required.  Make a list of the documents you might need and have them readily available.

Completing applications can be time consuming, so try and be as prepared as possible and build in plenty of time to spare. You want to make sure you are completing your application thoroughly so being able to spread out the workload will help.


Before you start filling in the forms make sure you are clear about what you need to include.  If in doubt, call the school – your questions will not be any different from ones they have answered before so don’t hesitate to pick up the phone.  They are there to help. The time taken will be more than worth it when your child gets a high quality education and becomes a part of the thriving independent sector in Scotland.

Are you interested in finding out more about an independent education for your child in Scotland? Please get in touch if you have any questions.